Ford Unveils New Fully-Electric F-150 Lightning

Photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty

DETROIT, May 21, 2021 ~ Wednesday, Ford and the United Auto Workers union unveiled the new fully-electric F-150 Lightning pickup in Dearborn.

The Lightning can come with up to 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft of torque.  The base model can travel 230 miles on a full charge.  An upgraded model will be available with a range of 300 miles.

It hauls ass and tows like a beast,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley.

Pricing will start under $40,000, competing with gas-powered pickups which currently average over $50,000.


May 20, 2021 ~ Ford Motor Company President & CEO Jim Farley talks to Paul W. about President Biden‘s visit and the reveal of the all electric Ford F-150 Lightning.

According to Ford, the battery pack can power a home for around three days in the event of an outage.  For commercial use, the Lightning will be able to power electric tools, potentially serving as an alternative to on-site generators.  Up to 11 power outlets are available on the pickup.

It’s made to be on the work site and to work all day long,” said General Manager North American Commercial Business Ted Cannis.

Friday, Jim Farley stated that more than 44,000 reservations were placed less than 48 hours after the reveal.

The F-150 Lightning is set to ship in spring of 2022.