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Whitmer Says COVID-19 Outcome Depends on “Whether or not the Citizens Take This Seriously”

Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP via Getty

LANSING, April 16, 2021 ~ In a statement Thursday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said that the surge in COVID-19 cases is slowing down, and that the final outcome would depend on “whether or not the citizens take this seriously and do their part.\”

Michigan has been leading the country in new cases per population for two weeks.  However, after the number of adults hospitalized reached a record high Tuesday, the numbers have dropped slightly since then.

\”We\’re starting to see things look as though they\’re slowing down a bit,” said Governor Whitmer.  “I don\’t want to, by any stretch, say that this isn\’t serious and that we don\’t all have to take this very seriously, but we\’re making progress.\”


April 16, 2021 ~ Governor Gretchen Whitmer talks to Paul W. about the COVID-19 surge, hospitalizations, and she also explains current work restrictions.

Thursday, at least eight hospitals in Michigan were listed at full capacity, according to reports.

\”We are so incredibly divided after, I think, the politics of the last 14 months,\” Whitmer said during an interview on MSNBC.  \”And so it is a very difficult moment where I am still trying to get the Legislature to just deploy resources that the Trump administration sent us.  What might seem like a natural thing to do is much more complicated than what the CDC might suggest when you look at the reality here on the ground.\”