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Representative Matt Gaetz Claims Extortion Plot, Denies Wrongdoing

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty

WASHINGTON DC, April 2, 2021 ~ In the midst of an ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice surrounding a report from The New York Times, alleging a sexual relationship between Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and a 17-year-old, new developments involve an FBI agent who disappeared in Iran 14 years ago.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought Gaetz on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to tell his side of the story, where he denied any wrongdoing.

According to reports, Gaetz’s family was approached by Bob Kent, a former Air Force intelligence officer, asking for a $25 million dollar loan to fund a rescue mission. Kent claimed he had found Robert Levinson, an FBI agent who went missing in Iran in 2007.

In exchange for the funds being arranged, and upon the release of Mr. Levinson, the team that delivers Mr. Levinson to the President of The United States shall strongly advocate that President Biden issue a Presidential Pardon, or instruct the Department of Justice to terminate any and all investigations involving Congressman Gaetz,” said ‘Project Homecoming’ the document Bob Kent delivered to Matt Gaetz’s father.

The document reportedly requested Gaetz’s father to deposit the $25 million into a trust account connected to former federal prosecutor and Levinson family attorney David McGee.

Gaetz explained to Tucker Carlson that his family had notified the FBI, and named McGee as being behind the operation. Gaetz went on to explain that his father had worn a wire during a meeting, and said he believes the Times had leaked his story to tamper with the investigation.

When asked about the extortion in a separate interview, David McGee said that Gaetz’s extortion claim was a “blatant attempt to distract from the fact that Matt Gaetz is apparently about to be indicted for sex trafficking underage girls.”

As of this time, Matt Gaetz has not been charged with any crimes.