Detroit Robocop Statue Denied by Michigan Science Center, Needs New Location

DETROIT, March 16, 2021 ~ Robocop is homeless. The Michigan Science Center made an announcement stating that the 11-foot-tall bronze statue of Robocop will not be coming to the museum for lack of time and space.

Given the pandemic’s unprecedented pressures,” the center said in a prepared statement, “MiSci’s resources must now be entirely focused on our core mission of serving Michigan’s students and families.”

The idea for the sculpture came from a tweet at former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, challenging the new statue of Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia.

“@mayordavebing Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky & Robocop would kick Rocky’s butt,” the tweeter said. “He’s a GREAT ambassador for Detroit.”

A kickstarter was launched, and $67,436 was raised toward the creation of the statue.  The group in charge of the 3500-pound statue is currently on the hunt for a new location.

He will need a home and we’re exploring possibilities,” said Detroit filmmaker Brandon Walley.  “We’re still going through a pandemic so we’re just happy to have it completed.”

UPDATE ~ DETROIT, March 18, 2021 ~ Stevens Point, Wisconsin Mayor Mike Wiza is trying to bring the Robocop statue to his city.  Not only the mayor a fan of the 1987 sci-fi film, titular actor Peter Weller is a native of Stevens Point.

I reached out, I started talking to people and trying to figure out, who do I talk to say, ‘hey, bring it to Stevens Point. We’d love to have a statue of Robocop in Peter Weller’s hometown,’” said Mayor Wiza.  “And of course, social media blew upon it.”

Imagination Station, the Detroit based artist group behind the statue, still wishes to keep the statue in Detroit.

Should the statue stay in Detroit, the Stevens Point Mayor has suggested making an alternative statue out of recycled materials.  He is hopeful a Robocop rendition will boost tourism.