Detroit Lions to Release Cornerback Justin Coleman Midway Through Contract

Photo: Justin Edmonds / Getty

ALLEN PARK, MI, March 11, 2021 ~ The Detroit Lions will be releasing Cornerback Justin Coleman in the middle of a four-year, $36 million dollar contract, according to reports. This makes Coleman the third member of Detroit’s defensive line to be informed of a release in the past week, alongside Linebacker Christian Jones and Cornerback Desmond Trufant

Coleman came to play for Detroit in 2019, signing after two years with the Seattle Seahawks. He, like many other defensemen on the Lions, had prior interaction with former coach Matt Patricia, playing two years for the New England England Patriots while Patricia was serving as defensive coordinator.

The release will save Detroit just under $5 million under a normal release, or $9 million if they use the June 1 designation, with the additional $4 million carrying into the 2022 season.