Governor Whitmer Proposes $300 Million Dollar Bridge Repair in 2022

Photo: Bernd Wüstneck / picture alliance via Getty

LANSING, MI, March 3, 2021 ~ Governor Gretchen Whitmer has proposed adding bridge repairs to her $67 billion dollar budget for 2022.  Her plan includes $300 million in one-time payments to repair 120 bridges across Michigan.

It’s something we’ve got to get done,” said Whitmer.”  It just shows we’ve got to rebuild and rebuild better and stronger. This is one part of a resilient infrastructure we need in Michigan.”

The remarks were made Wednesday at a news conference held under the Miller-Rotunda Bridge in Dearborn, near the Ford River Rouge Complex.  More than 500 support beams have been added to the bridge in the last few years.

It’s been neglected throughout the state for decades and we spend good money after bad on patchwork,” said Wayne County Executive Warren Evans at the conference Wednesday.  “This bridge is 90 years old.  Nothing lasts forever, but we have to stop nickel-and-diming our way to success because we’re not really getting success that way.”