Governor Whitmer Plans to Ease COVID-19 Restrictions in Coming Days

Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP via Getty

LANSING, February 25, 2021 ~ In a news conference Wednesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said that she and her administration plan to announce lesser restrictions as COVID-19 infection rates continually decline.

We’re expecting to make more announcements on additional re-engagements in the coming days,” Whitmer said Wednesday.  “Our case numbers and public health metrics are trending in the right direction.  I’m very pleased to see that.  I’m feeling very optimistic.”

Governor Whitmer put emphasis on in-school learning for kids, saying “face-to-face learning is critical.”  She also reported that 97% of the 537 K-12 districts in Michigan will offer face-to-face learning in some form by March 1.

No definitive statements were made regarding restaurants, which are still limited to 25% capacity through March 29.  Similar restrictions on gyms and entertainment venues are also in place.  The Governor said she was hopeful nursing home visitor restrictions could be relaxed as early as next week.


February 25, 2021 ~ The Governor Gretchen tells Paul W. as long as the COVID-19 numbers continue to drop she will soon loosen some more of the state’s restrictions.