Democrats Prepare to Pass Stimulus; Trump Lawyers Prepare Defense

Photo: Stefani Reynolds-Pool / Getty

WASHINGTON DC, February 8, 2021 ~ Budget reconciliation rules passed Friday as part of the federal budget have set the stage for Democrats enact President Biden’s 1.9 trillion-dollar COVID-19 relief package through a simple majority. 

The current draft of the bill does offer some considerations to Republicans, lowering the maximum income allowed for a payment from $75,000 to $50,000 per year, and eliminating the originally-proposed increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.  These changes however are not likely to gain the bill bipartisan support.

Meanwhile, lawmakers and lawyers are preparing for former President Trump’s second impeachment trial, which starts Tuesday.  On Monday, a brief was submitted by Trump attorneys that bashed Democrats for their handling of the issue. 

Instead of acting to heal the nation, or at the very least, focusing on prosecuting the lawbreakers who stormed the Capitol, the Speaker of the House and her allies have tried to callously harness the chaos of the moment for their own political gain.


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