Joe Biden Prioritizes Environmental Justice in His Climate Plan

Photo: Doug Mills / Getty

WASHINGTON DC, January 27, 2020 ~ Joe Biden is pushing to reduce the United States‘ greenhouse emissions, and create jobs, while in the process undoing most all of Donald Trump‘s environmental policies. The President will begin by directing federal agencies to invest in minority and low-income communities that are said to have been negatively-affected by pollution. Beneficiaries include Black, Latino, and Native American communities whichare statistically more likely to be situated near hazards, such as landfills, mines and power plants.

Biden also enacted an executive order that creates several new environmental resources, including the Office of Health and Climate Equity at the Health and Human Services Department, a White House Interagency Council on Environmental Justice, and an additional Office for Environmental Justice at the Justice Department.

All this follows last week’s announcement of a 60-day suspension of drilling on federal lands, and the President’s day-one executive order to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.


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