Polio-Like Syndrome; COVID Changes Bar Exam

Michigan has confirmed its first case this year of a rare polio-like illness that attacks the nervous system, specifically in children. The case involves a child in Macomb County. Two other possible cases are being monitored. Acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, can cause muscles and reflexes to weaken. As of June 30th there were 13 cases of AFM reported in ten states. The cause of the Illness is not known, but health officials say most children reported respiratory problems or a fever before coming down with AFM.

The latest numbers of the corona virus show there were 488 new cases and 5 deaths reported yesterday. Total state figures show there have been more than 78,500 cases and 6,154 deaths. State occupational health safety officials announced yesterday that they will be conducting inspections of state businesses to ensure that they are in compliance with state safety rules. Those to be inspected include restaurants, bars, gas stations and grocery and convenience stores.

Would-be lawyers are taking the Michigan bar exam today. But the COVID-19 pandemic has given it a new look. Instead of the normal two-day in-person examination, it has been changed to a one-day on-line essay exam. The change was created after concerns were raised about whether an in-person test could be conducted safely.