Need A Haircut? Today Is Your Day

Personal care services will reopen today in Michigan.Hair salons, barbershops, manicures, tatoos. Measures are required to keep safe. masks, partitions, sanitizing.The order says these businesses must keep records of customers, limit who can be inside the shop and where they can be, get rid of refreshments and magazines in waiting areas and require customers and employees to wear face coverings. When face coverings must be removed, employees must wear goggles or shields..
Deposit cans and bottles are now accepted at stores, with the usual precautions and limits on how many you can cash in. Some stores already have begun to cash in deposit containers.

The latest figures show Michigan with a total of 59,990 cases of corona virus, with 189 new cases and 3 new deaths. The state’s COVID-19 deaths total 5,770. The latest numbers showed 44,946 recoveries,