Ford Chief Faces NY Analysts

Ford’s new chief operating officer goes to Wall Street to address concerns about the future of the company.

Jim Farley tells analysts that Ford is operating with a sense of urgency that matches the time of the Great Recession, when Ford was able to avoid bankruptcy.
Farley told a research conference that number one on his list is to improve the launch of new models— like the Bronco SUV, the electric Mustang, and a redesigned F-150.
A botched rollout of the newly designed Ford Explorer last year cost Ford a lot of money.
Also a hi priority—- the cost of warranty repairs, which cost Ford 5-billion dollars last year. Farley says all vehicles will carry modems by the end of the year, meaning cars will be connected, and data will be used to head off problems. It’s a way that automakers are starting to use artificial intelligence… if they can find the humans to create it.