Controversial Judge Decision Drops Murder Charges

Charges have been dismissed against a Hamtramck woman and her boyfriend in the beating death of the woman’s 1 year old daughter.
The toddler, Ameina Markham, died of blunt force injuries last October. But a district judge dismissed murder charges against Asia Markham and Christopher Olinger. The Wayne County Medical Examiner determined that the infant had injuries that included 16 blunt force impacts to her head and suffered from internal bleeding and bruising.

On the first day of the exam earlier this month, the aunt of the dead girl said she questioned her sister in September as to why the girl was walking with a limp.

She says she was told the child hurt herself jumping off of the toilet.
Judge Alexis Krot ruled there was no proof that the mother and the boyfriend delivered the blows that killed the baby. Judge Krot dismissed the charges.

A prosecutor’s witness failed to show up for the hearing.
The judge dismissed the charges without prejudice, which means that the prosecutor could reinstate charges with more evidence.