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Mitchelle Blair pleads guilty to murdering children, says she’d do it again

Mitchell Blair_court_PR
Mitchelle Blair at earlier hearing

She was the mother from hell. Mitchelle Blair pleaded guilty to killing and torturing two of her 4 children, gave details about the gruesome killings, and said she had no regrets because the children were demons. The judge accepted the plea. The bodies of 13 year old Stoni Blair and 9 year old Steven Berry were found in a freezer. Steven was killed in August of 2012. Stoni was killed in May of 2013.

Mitchelle Blair admitted that she punched the girl, poured hot water on her, and killed her by putting a plastic bag over her head. She said the torture and killing of the boy was similar, and she also burned the boy. Blair said she did it because the children sexually abused another child. She will be sentenced to life in prison.