P-FAS Provisions May Prompt Veto

A defense funding bill that includes tougher provisions on P-FAS chemical contamination may be vetoed by President Trump. Michigan has many of these contamination sites.

Some Michigan members of congress are criticizing the White House. Many of the P-FAS hot spots are near old military bases, where P-FAS foam was used as a fire retardant for planes.
The administration objected to a provision which would give the Defense Department six years to begin using only fire-fighting foams that do not use P-FAS.

Another provision would require the government to make water with no P-FAS available for agricultural use in areas where PFAS is above advisory levels. There is no legal limit to P-FAS contamination.
Michigan may have thousands of sites.
Other provisions of the defense bill are also opposed by the administration, related to military preparedness.

Michigan lawmakers are trying to get the federal EPA to speed up groundwater remediation efforts to clean up P-FAS sites.