Kittens Saved From Drowning Up North


It was small cries  that alerted neighbors around Higgins Lake that something bad was going on.
“I had gotten a knock on my door from a neighbor and she was all upset and said that somebody was down here trying to drown kittens on the dock,” said Stacy Dexter-Priebe.
Neighbors out enjoying the weather heard the cries and saw a couple on the dock with a bag submerged in water.
That’s when Pam Delhanty jumped into action.
She was able to get the bag away from the pair, opened it, and found six kittens inside.
Dexter-Priebe is Delhanty’s neighbor. “She’s a hero and when she heard those sounds the mother in her just took over and she went out there and saved those cats.”
Pam’s son James is not surprised about what his mom did. “She has the biggest heart in the world. She saved them, they’re here because of that.”
Dexter-Priebe has taken the kittens, and they both say they are angry about what happened.
“I am beyond frustrated, words cannot describe my anger,” said Dexter-Priebe. “To think that somebody could be so evil and do such a thing.”
The Roscommon County Prosecutor’s Office said they are still reviewing the case for possible criminal charges.
Dexter-Priebe said that despite all the kittens have been through, “They do seem to be healthy kittens, they’re not scrawny. It’s kind of a blessing in a way because these six kittens will have loving homes to go to.”
Just about every one of the kittens in on their way to a new home.