The New Balance In State Legislature

The Michigan blue wave didn’t wash out Republican control of the state legislature.

Democrats gained seats in both the house and senate.
But not enough to change the balance of power.
Analysts say Democrats will gain 6 seats in the state senate. Republicans will keep their majority, but it’s down to 22 to 16.
One of the notable wins for democrats was in Canton Twp. and Livonia, where Dayna Polehanki defeated Republican Laura Cox, who is chair of the House Appropriations committee. Democrat Mallory McMorrow upset Republican incumbent Marty Knollenberg in Oakland County.
In the senate, bills need a two-thirds vote to take effect immediately. Republicans will no longer have that power.

The GOP held a 63 to 46 margin in the state house. But Democrats gained 6 seats, so republicans will have a 58 to 52 majority.