Ex-Clerk Still Racking Up Macomb Legal Bills

A judge removed Karen Spranger as Macomb County Clerk, but  Spranger is still in court and is still costing taxpayer’s money.

Macomb County officials persuaded a judge that Karen Spranger violated residency rules before she won the 2016 election. So Spranger was kicked out of office. But the county is paying an attorney to represent her in a lawsuit filed by former employees of the clerk’s office, who she fired.

Another lawsuit that Spranger filed to try to get back into office may be dismissed. A judge has rejected her appeal. Spranger says she can’t afford the filing fee of 375-dollars. And she hasn’t filed the necessary papers, as she is representing herself.
The filing deadline has expired.
While the state court administrator moves to dismiss the case, the taxpayer legal fees for Spranger of 172-thousand dollars continues to grow.