Ex-Mayor’s New Bid For Freedom

The campaign to free Kwame goes to a new level.
Kwame Kilpatrick has asked President Trump to commute his sentence.

In a message posted to his Facebook page and the “Free Kwame Project” website, Kilpatrick declares that he is “ready (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to go home!”
Kilpatrick filed a request for commutation of his sentence with the Department of Justice. Kilpatrick sought a commutation from President Obama. Obama did not respond.

Kilpatrick admits he betrayed his wife and family because of lust and sin and failed to deliver on the promises and opportunities given to him by the people of Detroit.
But he says he has been severely punished. Kilpatrick says he has become a Christian believer while in prison.
Kilpatrick is serving a 28 year prison sentence.