Detroit journalist Kathy Ryan on The Big Story

KATHYAt 68, Detroit journalist Kathy Ryan thought it was time for a change.  A big, frightening change.  Kathy had been told her whole life she was funny, so six years after her husbands death, Kathy took a beginning stand up comedy class at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak.  Drawing from her on line dating experiences in later life Kathy developed a six minute knock ’em dead set.  One of her biggest laughs comes when she tells of  her horror in discovering  older men who post pictures of themselves on online dating sights with out their shirts on  “Walter, you’re confused.  When women say they like abs, they are talking about a six pack not a keg!”

 “I’m not giving up my day job, I still write” says Kathy who currently works for the Grosse Pointe News after stints with the Detroit News and other publications.  “I found my ability to tell a story really helped me hone my skills as a comic”.   We agree.

 You can hear Kathy’s story during the Big Story on Tuesday evening at 7pm.  You can find the podcast HERE.