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Naera Haghnazarian is a Distribution Engineering Manager at Eversource Energy, and has also served on the Detroit Economic Club’s Young Leader Board since 2020. She has also been a Management Board Member in the National Electric Energy Testing, Research, and Application Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as the Advisor to the Distribution System Program at the Electric Power Research Institute. Her contributions have advanced research in the overhead, underground, and substation material, equipment, and standards.


Naera Haghnazarian began her career in the power and energy industry at DTE Energy over ten years ago. Throughout her career at DTE, she held several positions, starting in Distribution Engineering, where she was responsible for the overall electric system health of several Metro Detroit communities. From there on, she was appointed to join the Investment & Reliability Strategy Team, where she was responsible for Distribution Operations’ Capital Budget and Investment Plan, in addition to supporting the Company’s efforts in the Rate Case.

Her strong technical and leadership skills led her to a leadership role within the company, where she led the Engineering Standards team. In this role, Naera developed standards and policies for DTE’s electric infrastructure that impact over 2.1 million customers. Through this opportunity, Naera led several initiatives towards significantly improving structural resiliency and successfully implemented new tools and technologies aimed at driving efficiencies.

Earlier this year, Naera was recognized for her strong leadership skills and her ability to stand up to challenges, make difficult decisions and resolve critical engineering matters and was awarded the “Lead by Example” award.

She is currently the co-chair of the Speaker Committee and is leading this year’s speaker selection for the Young Leader Conference. In addition, Naera has been part of DEC’s Career Readiness Academy (CRA) since 2018, where she mentored students in several high schools and guided them toward a successful career after graduation.

Naera’s Armenian roots keep her connected with her community as she serves as the Chair of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) of Detroit Young Processionals.

AGBU is a non-profit organization that aims to engage and connect Armenian communities globally. Naera led a fundraiser in support of the Women Empowerment initiative, which promotes gender equality in Armenia. She also served as a mentor in AGBU’s Global Leadership Program.

Her sincere interest in the development of women in engineering has been evident in the many events she has helped organized with DTE and the Society of Women Engineers Detroit Chapter. She also has volunteered at numerous STEM events promoting the engineering profession and sharing her experience to inspire the new generation of engineers.

Naera is known to challenge herself and continues to diversify her technical and leadership skills in the power and energy industry. She has recently accepted a new opportunity at Eversource Energy as a Distribution Engineering Manager.

In this new role, Naera will advance the electrical grid and continue to broaden her experience by challenging herself to grow professionally and identifying opportunities where she strives to provide customers with the most affordable and reliable power.