Pompeo to Newsmax TV: Biden Admin About to ‘Throw Away’ Success in Iran

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo questioned aloud the Biden administration’s approach to foreign policy on Newsmax TV on Monday, saying he wanted to give them “every opportunity to get it right” but feared that on some issues they were “about to throw it all away…for…almost nothing.”

Pompeo was particularly fearful of the Middle East and, especially, Iran, with the Biden administration’s announced plans to re-enter the famed “Iran nuclear deal” which then-President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from.

“But what I have seen so far, what I have heard so far, suggests a very muddled understanding of what led to so many successes that our administration had,” Pompeo said on “Spicer & Co.” “When you’re tough, when you’re strong, where you establish deterrents, then securing American freedom is possible to do.

“But whether it’s China or Iran or threats from malign actors in other parts of the world, terrorist organizations, what they understand is strength. They understand a leader who is prepared to do the right thing to secure American freedom every day…And I hope this administration won’t throw that all away just because, ‘Well, it was from another administration.’”

Pompeo was particularly proud of the Abraham Accords, negotiated peace and trade deals between Israel and Arab states Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The clear goal was to align the moderate Sunni Muslim states in a coalition to isolate Shiite Iran.

But Pompeo believes that the Biden administration’s moves could undermine much of the work done in the Middle East.

“I do worry that the administration wants to coddle the regime in Iran, wants to hug them close and appease them, those are the kinds of things that create risk in the Middle East, and when you create risk the Middle East, nations are no longer in place where they can do the right thing every day and always,” Pompeo added.

“It’s why President Trump very quickly convened a strategy, effort, and we put together a plan that put real pressure on the regime. And now they’re about to throw that all away in exchange, for what appears to be, almost nothing.”

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