LSU to Unenroll 78 Students for Not Complying With COVID Rules

Louisiana State University announced this week that it will remove 78 students from the university’s rolls due to noncompliance with the school’s COVID-19 guidelines, The Hill reports.

Lara Nicholson, editor in chief of LSU’s The Reveille student newspaper, tweeted on Wednesday that the school held a press conference that ”ended after only about 15 minutes, but [LSU President William] Tate ended by saying that the number of students who will be unenrolled for not adhering to COVID-19 guidelines ‘will be so small that it won’t be a story.”’

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard later tweeted: ”The updated number since the White House meeting is 78 students remain not in compliance. The goal from the start has been to get everyone in compliance, but while the number has shrunk, those 78 are being contacted that they are being unenrolled from the university.”

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