Kremlin: Musk’s Clubhouse Invite to Putin a ‘Misunderstanding’

The Kremlin thinks Elon Musk’s invitation to Vladimir Putin to chat in the popular Clubhouse app was a “misunderstanding” after the billionaire never responded to a follow-up query, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

“Apparently there was some kind of misunderstanding,” Peskov told reporters. “Most likely, this matter is exhausted.”

The chief executive officer of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX tweeted Feb. 14 in English and Russian to the Kremlin’s official Twitter account, asking if the Russian president wanted to join him for a conversation on Clubhouse.

At the time, Peskov called it “undoubtedly a very interesting offer,” but said the Kremlin needed more details. There was no apparent follow-up in Twitter, however.

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