123 Texas Landowners Allow State to Put Border Fencing on Their Property

The state of Texas has some new allies in its battle against illegal immigration. The Washington Examiner reports that a group of 123 Texas homeowners has agreed to let the state place fencing along sections of their properties near the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Examiner said that as of Wednesday, 123 homeowners living in Val Verde County have agreed to allow an eight-foot barbed-wire metal fence to be erected at the edge of their properties. Gov. Greg Abbott’s office said 82 of the 123 people referenced have signed agreements with the state’s military department conducting the program.

Only 150 miles of the 1,250 miles of land Texas shares with Mexico currently has a substantive barrier, according to the Examiner. Of the approximately 1,100 miles of fencing the state is responsible for, a large portion of that total has been addressed through the agreement with Texas residents.

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