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American Federation of Teachers Promotes Helping Kids Change Gender Pronouns Without Parents Knowing

Photo: Tori Lynn Schneider / Tallahassee Democrat / USA Today

LANSING, August 11, 2022 ~The American Federation of Teachers has promoted the use of a pronoun card in classrooms, which allows students to declare their pronouns, and declare whether or not they want their parents to be aware of any pronoun changes.

This move, as well as many other initiatives to subvert parent’s role in the classroom, is displeasing many parents and conservative officials.

This is fundamentally about parental rights, and it’s part of a teacher’s union attack on parents’ rights across the country,” said Senator Lana Theis to 760 WJR‘s Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz. “This isn’t unique to Michigan, and it has been going on for quite some time…This is the unions believing they know better than the parents for what should be happening to these children.


August 11, 2022 ~ Senator Lana Theis talks about the American Federation of Teachers promoting a method for teachers to help kids change their pronouns without parents knowing.

(CONTINUED) Years ago, I quit assuming that my students’ parents were necessarily the people raising them, and I decided to go with ‘family’ or ‘cheerleaders’ orsupporters,’” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. “It has made a world of difference for the people whose nontraditional family structures were always left out. I believe that asking for pronouns is going to do the same thing.”