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Justin Remington is the Chief Operating Officer at The Remington Group and also serves as the Interim Senior Director of Major Giving and Donor Relations at United Way for Southeastern Michigan. He currently manages the operations of the firm and leads some of it’s largest clients. He is proud to be a connector and networker, and to him, creating relationships and helping introduce others is a way to pay it forward.


Justin is also overseeing the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation, which is the primary funder of the Detroit Promise and working with the promise to improve and increase more students into the city. We are solving one of the greatest challenges to the future of Detroit by making sure that our young people in the city have the opportunity to create generational wealth and break down barriers.

The impact he is making in his current roles is more important to him than any personal accomplishment he can have. He is also so proud to be a connector and networker, to him creating relationships and helping introduce others is a way to pay it forward.

While it may not be professional, being his daughter’s soccer coach has taught him a level of patience, compassion and never taking himself seriously, that is allowing him to push through when it has been tough during the pandemic and in the fundraising space. Justin greatly enjoys being a mentor and helping give access to those who don’t have it.

A little bit more about Justin:

When I reflect on a moment that I am proud of, I think of…

I think of the work that I have done fundraising for the Detroit Promise. Much of the first half of my life was challenged with education issues and not being the best student, as I am neuro-divergent. To me, the access of tuition-free education for the residents of Detroit, no matter who you are, is so important. I have been able to be a part of the fundraising team and help advocate for the students of Detroit. That to me is something that I continue to do and will always continue to do. It is one of my passions because of the issues I faced, yet I had access and support, sometimes even when the school system did not.

As I continue to grow, I am hopeful for…

As I continue to grow, I am hopeful for more connections. I love people, people are what drives me. Again, in this time where people have never been more upset at each other and unwilling to talk, that is where I want to come in and give a big hug. To me, the only way we are going to do this, although it is cliché, but teamwork makes the dream work and you know what, in the reality it does. We have a responsibility to ourselves, this planet, and our neighbors to do that.

During my free time, I …

Am an avid Detroit City Football Club supporter, enjoy spending time with my two wonderful children, beautiful wife, and my dog Ambassador.”

If I could give advice to my 20-year-old self, I would say…

“To quote the great Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!” I know that sounds funny, but that is the reality. I made some choices early on in life that I didn’t take a chance on and that I regretted. Ultimately now, I am thrilled I didn’t because it has put me in this position. I think that life is fragile and life is short, so do what you can with it. When you are younger you have the opportunity to take chances. You only have one life to live, so live it!”