Biden Urges Automakers to Prepare for Russian Cyber Attacks

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty

DETROIT, March 31, 2022 ~ President Biden and other officials are advising automotive companies to prepare for potential cyberattacks from Russia as the attacks on Ukraine carry into a second month.

According to experts, supply chains connecting the automotive industry are vulnerable, and are not prepared should an attack come soon.

In my business, we are brought in to do cyber security assessments on companies … and I can tell you this … every single company that we have looked at has at least one critical vulnerability that is not addressed,” said Auxiom CEO Matt Loria to 760 WJR’s Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz. “The majority of folks we are assessing have one to five major critical upgrades that need to occur in order to just be safe.”

Listen below as Matt Loria joins 760 WJR with his opinion on the future security of our nation’s corporations.


March 31, 2022 ~ Matt Loria talks with Kevin and Tom about if auto companies are ready for a potential cyberattack from Russia.