Former Detroiter Living in Poland Works to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Photo: Omar Marques / Getty

LELÓW, POLAND, March 9, 2022 ~ A former Detroiter, now living in Poland, is helping Ukrainian refugees by opening his business to them, providing shelter and food.

Kehrt Reyher and his wife Marzenna run The Nakło Foundation, and are hosting three families at the foundation’s bed and breakfast.

See the exclusive interview between 760 WJR Senior News Analyst Marie Osborne and Kehrt Reyher below.

CLICK HERE for more information on the foundation, and to donate to help refugees.



March 9, 2022 ~ 760 WJR Senior News Analyst Marie Osborne tells Paul W. support for Ukrainian refugees is pouring in from all parts of the globe while citizens from other countries around Ukraine are answering the call to help those who are displaced by the war. Among them is former Kehrt Reyher Detroit Journalist who has opened his home in Poland to several refugees.

March 9, 2022 ~ Marie Osborne talks with Kevin and Tom about a former Detroiter who is trying to help Ukrainian refugees.