Michigan Unemployment Agency Gave an Estimated $8.5 Billion in Fraudulent Benefits During Pandemic

Photo: Michigan House of Representatives ~ Oversight Committee Chairman Steve Johnson

LANSING, January 3, 2021 ~ A report by accounting firm Deloitte indicates that Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) has paid an estimated $8.5 billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits, a number that is substantially higher than the “hundreds of millions” in losses projected by the UIA.

We’re still trying to delve into exactly how this was able to occur,” said State Representative and Chairman of The House Oversite Committee Steve Johnson. “I think we just have an agency that is inept, or maybe even worse … and that is why we have to dig in and see what is going on.”

Hear the complete interview from 760 WJR’s “All Talk with Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz,” plus Paul W. Smith speaks with State Representative Joe Bellino.


January 3, 2022 ~ State Representative Steve Johnson (R-Wayland) talks with Kevin and Tom about the UIA‘s fraudulent unemployment claims.

January 3, 2022 ~ Republican State Representative Joe Bellino from Monroe tells Paul W. he is troubled by a new report that indicates an estimated $8.5 billion in fraudulent claims were lost by the Unemployment Insurance Agency. He also hints at a possible run for Governor.