Angie Perkins is the Associate Relationship Manager, AVP for PNC Financial Services Group and has shared responsibilities in treasury Management for public finance coupled with credit support for the Detroit Commercial Team. She is also an active participant and demonstrates dedication in attracting and retaining diverse talent as a member of PNC’s Treasury Management Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting Sub-Committee.


August 16, 2021 ~ Angie Perkins speaks with Guy Gordon about her role as the Associate Relationship Manager, AVP for PNC Financial Services Group and how her dedication to attracting and retaining diverse talent impacts her organization. Angie also talks about her recent appointment as one of the Detroit Economic Club’s 2021 Rising Stars.

In her seven years at PNC, Angie has demonstrated exemplary business skills that have earned praise from her co-workers, manager, and clients – as well as PNC Regional President Ric DeVore. Her commitment to building relationships, expanding her knowledge, and giving back to the community belies someone of her modest age.

Angie’s board memberships include the Detroit Economic Club (DEC) Young Leaders; Me, Myself, and I Teens; and the Northeastern Family Community Center. She is currently a committee member for the DEC’s Career Readiness Academy and is a school captain for one of the local Detroit schools. She has mentored and taught career readiness and exploration skills to high school students for several years.

At PNC, she holds the Treasurer position for the PNC Recognizing Emerging Professionals (PREP) Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG). This EBRG is dedicated to helping members achieve professional aspirations and to attract, engage, and retain top talent to PNC (the Bank) while establishing the Bank as a place to begin, develop, and achieve their career aspirations, in an environment that fosters inclusiveness and diversity.

Her dedication to attracting and retaining diverse talent continues to be evident through her active participation in PNC’s Treasury Management Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting Sub-Committee.

Within the Bank, Angie continues to stay engaged in the Detroit Women Connect and African American EBRGs. Her outside volunteer commitments include both Forgotten Harvest and Junior Achievement.

As a young professional who is making a significant impact in her profession and the community, Angie is clearly one of Southeast Michigan’s rising stars.

A little bit more about Angie:

When I reflect on a moment that I am proud of, I think of…

“Being selected as one of ten participants to represent Detroit in the Young American Leader’s Program (YALP) at Harvard Business School. YALP included 10 participants from 14 different U.S cities (totaling 140 participants) and each participant completed coursework on the economy, cross-sector collaboration, and leadership. Through this program, I met some very impressive leaders and we all had the same vision and goals… How do we make the world a better place? As cliché as this sounds, we all really wanted to know the answer. YALP taught us that this starts in our very own backyard – our hometown. Although we can’t solve the world’s problems, the lessons that we learned from YALP helped us see that we are already contributing to “making the world a better place” by serving our existing communities.”

As I continue to grow, I am hopeful for…

“The opportunity to continue to work with disadvantaged youth and underserved communities. As a young Detroiter who was raised by a single mother in a low-income household, statistically speaking I was likely to be pregnant at 16 and on welfare. My mother did everything she could to ensure that I became successful and not a statistic. With her sacrifices, positive influences, and the help of a few great mentors, I was able to exceed her expectations and douse society’s notion of what I was supposed to be. I want to help young people have better experiences and let them know they can exceed the notions and expectations of society and achieve the kind of lifestyle that I am fortunate to enjoy.”

During my free time, I …

“Enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling, and learning new things.”

If I could give advice to my 20-year-old self, I would say…

“Learn the true meaning of work-life balance because your mission will last your entire lifetime!” 

20 years from now, I see myself…

“Continuing to mentor and advocate for those who do not have a voice. For the people who feel defeated because of circumstances outside of their control, I want to show them that there is more beyond what their eyes can see and what their minds can imagine. Most importantly, I want to be in the position to be the first person to tell them yes!”