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Andrea Trudeau is the Event Services Director at Detroit Auto Dealers Association, and handles the job with firmness, political savvy, and diplomacy as needed. Working with all types of parties and groups, Andrea designs the floor planning and layouts for auto shows, as well as traveling all over the world to meet with suppliers and auto companies to encourage them to participate. She is currently the lead with the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, organizing the new Motor Bella, featuring car brands from around the world!


July 12, 2021 ~ Andrea Trudeau speaks with Guy Gordon about her position as Event Services Director with the Detroit Auto Dealers Association and how she continues to elevate new auto shows and other events. Andrea also talks about her recent appointment as one of the Detroit Economic Club’s 2021 Rising Stars.

Andrea Trudeau has worked for the DADA and the North American International Auto Show for eight years. Prior, she worked for Convention and Show Services for 10 years at the Cobo Convention Center working directly with all union labor, including carpenters, stagehands, electricians, and ironworkers. 

Andrea constantly faces a tough task, but handles it with firmness, political savvy, and diplomacy as needed. She travels to shows all over the world (Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris) to meet with auto companies and suppliers that participate in her organization\’s auto shows and events. Andrea also does all of the floor planning and layouts for shows on CAD, in addition to handling exhibitors, show logistics, contracts, etc., and she is now working on new events in the same capacity, which will be featured later this year.

The first of which is the Motor City Car Crawl (MC3), taking place from August 5 – 8, in downtown Detroit that will be featured in all the main parks. All the money raised will go to the nine children\’s charities that have typically benefitted from the NAIAS Charity Preview. It is also intended to stimulate the downtown restaurants and business post pandemic. For this event, Andrea has already worked on agreements and plans with both the Downtown Detroit Partnership and the City of Detroit, focusing on all aspects to make it a success.

Andrea is also the lead with the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, organizing the new Motor Bella, featuring car brands from around the world. This one-of-a-kind experiential event will allow car companies and suppliers to show off their latest product to media and consumers in an experiential and engaged fashion.

Overall, Andrea has helped provide vision of what shows should look like in the future, what the new millennial consumers want to engage with, and how auto companies want to market their products. She is always on the cutting edge, a quick learner, and ready to take on the next big thing. She is just not one of tomorrow\’s leaders but also one of today\’s.

A little bit more about Andrea:

When I reflect on a moment that I am proud of, I think of…

\”One of the jobs I am most proud of is when we had the opportunity to organize the presidential visit from President Barack Obama. The layers of planning and logistics that went into that day were extraordinary. I designed a sectioned off show floor and the president’s route through the building. This was accomplished by working with the Secret Service and the president’s advance team. Multiple days of planning and hours of work all culminating in about 30 minutes total time in the building. That’s show business! And yes, I did get the opportunity to meet him!\”

As I continue to grow, I am hopeful for…

\”I am hopeful that shows continue to grow and change as technology speeds forward. One of my favorite things about this crazy business is that there is never a dull moment and everyday is different. There are always new problems to solve and new skills to learn. I hope that the industry continues to be as everchanging as my experiences to date have been.\”

During my free time, I …

\”Travel, spending time with family and friends, and exploring Detroit as it changes and grow..\”

If I could give advice to my 20-year-old self, I would say…

\”Maybe wait to buy your first house until after the recession? Just kidding… kinda. I would tell my 20-year-old self to take time for yourself more. Work is always going to be there, but you don’t need to be. Enjoy time off and take those trips you feel guilty taking.\” 

20 years from now, I see myself…

\”Mentoring the next rising star to follow. At 59 years old, I’ll still have some time to go, but will be on the downturn of my career, leaning on the ideas and plans created by the next generation.\”