Boaters Film 200-Foot Wide Rockfall at Pictured Rocks

Photo: Jeffrey Greenberg / Universal Images Group via Getty

ALGER COUNTY, June 30, 2021 ~ A group of boaters visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore filmed a massive portion of the cliffside breaking off and falling into Lake Superior.

We could hear the cliff wall popping and cracking and within 60 seconds a section of cliff approximately 200 feet wide fell before us,” said Jahn Martin, the man who filmed the cliff breaking off. “The splash and swell wave were very dramatic.”

According to the National Park Service Webpage, “Unsupported overhangs of soft sandstone are common. Rockfalls along the cliffs happen periodically.”

The park service said that it is difficult to pinpoint the cause for individual rockfalls.

In 2018, a rockfall nearly landed on a group of kayakers in the same area.

No injuries were reported following either incident.