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Liz Doerr is a regional food safety specialist for Meijer and serves as part of the Meijer Food Safety team, contributing the focus on freshness of Meijer products.

She is responsible for communicating safety lessons and messages as well as building relationships with leaders within Meijer and local regulatory inspectors. Her impact is seen over 45 Meijer and Fresh Thyme retail stores and gas stations, distribution facilities, manufacturing facilities, and other areas throughout the supply chain.


June 28, 2021 ~ Liz Doerr speaks with Guy Gordon about her position as regional food safety specialist for Meijer and how she contributes to the focus of freshness of Meijer products. Liz also talks about her recent appointment as one of the Detroit Economic Club’s 2021 Rising Stars.

Leaders throughout Meijer recognize the knowledge and passion Liz Doer holds for Food Safety. Liz began her career in the produce department of Meijer as she earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Ferris State University. Her excitement for providing great service and love of science led her to venture into a leadership role with the Meijer team and she has not looked back.

Today Liz serves as the Eastern Regional Food Safety Specialist, contributing the focus on freshness of Meijer products. Liz’s direction is exhibited through the vast relationships she has built with not only the leaders within the Meijer sphere, but also local regulatory inspectors. Liz has a reputation for holding communication skills that put those around her at ease to the point of being able to truly gasp the lessons on safety she is passing along. Her impact can be seen in over 45 Meijer and Fresh Thyme retail stores and gas stations, distribution facilities, manufacturing facilities, and throughout the supply chain.

Liz and the Meijer Food Safety team played an important role for Meijer this past unprecedented year where COVID-19 left many fearful and lost. They worked tirelessly to ensure that Meijer team members and the communities they serve were clean and safe for working and shopping.

While Liz offers so much of herself to Meijer professionally, she places great value on nurturing her time for family, friends, and self-care. A great time for Liz includes spending time with her nephew, reading a great book by her favorite physicist, or watching Star Trek. Liz is also an avid runner, participating in as many races as the opportunity presents. Liz has been the proud parent to her goldfish, George, for eight years!

When asked what motivates her, Liz wants others to know her goal is to serve as a partner. She says “I just want to help others be more successful in their jobs and roles, and get them to where they are going.”

A little bit more about Liz:

When I reflect on a moment that I am proud of, I think of…

“The moments I’ve spent time training team members and they suddenly understand the ‘why’ behind the processes and practices is when I’m most proud – having someone say ‘oh, I get it now!’ means I was able to connect with them, and making that connection is what I remember when I look back.”

As I continue to grow, I am hopeful for…

“The chance to continue working with people who value hard work and honesty, and have a desire to genuinely connect with their peers and coworkers.”

During my free time, I …

“Read books, especially science and historical fiction, talk and hang out with friends and family, and run outdoors whenever I can!”

If I could give advice to my 20-year-old self, I would say…

“Nearly everything is temporary; hard work and patience will get you through anything.”

20 years from now, I see myself…

“Continuing to support others in their paths to both personal and professional growth and success – regardless of what role or job I may have.”