Kwame Kilpatrick Delivers Sermon in First Public Event Since Release From Prison

Photo: Monica Morgan / WireImage

June 14, 2021 ~ Sunday, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick delivered a sermon at the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church in his first public event since his release from prison.

The sermon, based in biblical scripture, was named by Kilpatrick: “It’s Not Time to Die.”

I would like to thank God for this moment…a manifestation of what this miracle is. The last time I was here at this podium, I was on my way to prison and the world told me I would be there for 28 years,” said Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick was in his seventh year of a 28-year federal sentence for racketeering and bribery when former President Donald Trump commuted his sentence.


June 14, 2021 ~ Political Advisor Adolf Mongo tells Kevin Dietz about Kwame Kilpatrick‘s sermon yesterday.

In addition to his federal case, Kilpatrick resigned as Mayor after pleading guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice in a case in Wayne County.  Text messages were released showing Kilpatrick had falsified his testimony during a police whistleblower case.

“One sad thing about this case is that a man with the charisma and ability of Mr. Kilpatrick chose to waste his talents on personal aggrandizement and enrichment when he had the potential to do so much for the city,” said U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds to Kilpatrick before sentencing him to prison eight years ago.

Kwame has decided to leave behind politics, and has joined the ministry.

This is Kwam’, right here. This is what you get, what you got. I ain’t trying to trick nobody, manipulate nobody, I ain’t trying to cheat nobody, I ain’t trying to do none of that – the light is on,” Kilpatrick said to a cheering audience. “The light is on. Look at me.”