Supreme Court: Board has ‘Legal Duty’ to Verify Unlock Michigan Signatures

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty

LANSING, June 11, 2021 ~ Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the Board of State of Canvassershas a clear legal duty” to certify the Unlock Michigan petition and pass the proposal on to the state Legislature.

We urge the Michigan House and Senate to act promptly to finally strike this awful law from the books forever,” said Unlock Michigan Spokesman Fred Wszolek.”  Governor Whitmer used this law recklessly to crush businesses, families, and lives. No governor should be able to do so ever again.”

Last fall, the Republican-supported group submitted over 500,000 signatures.

There have been claims that Unlock Michigan obtained some signatures illegally.  However, the Board can only verify the number of signatures was sufficient. Investigating the source of the signatures is beyond the power of the board.

Experts are expecting liberal groups to file lawsuits hoping to reach the Democratic-led state Supreme Court.