Former Representative Paul Mitchell Reveals Stage IV Cancer Diagnosis to Guy Gordon

DETROIT, June 9, 2021 ~ In an exclusive interview with 760 WJR on Tuesday, former Michigan Representative Paul Mitchell announced that he has Stage IV renal cancer.

I was having some bad back issues,” he said to 760 WJR’s Guy Gordon. “But it wasn’t. It was stage IV cancer. Pretty shocking to get that kind of diagnosis.”

According to Mitchell, he was diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago. Two weeks ago he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot and a mass that had moved near his heart.

He was told there was only a 10% chance he would survive the surgery.

June 8th, 2021 ~ Former Congressman Paul Mitchell talks to Guy Gordon on his Stage IV cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

I was probably only a few days away from dying. I knew I was sick, but I didn’t realize how serious the problem was,” said Mitchell. “”The surgeons down here performed a miracle. They were skilled, and they were bold.”

Even after the successful surgery, the situation still got worse. Mitchell said in the days following, he had a reaction to a drug and spent a day and a half in a coma.

For me, Guy, it’s a gift. Everyone believes they have forever. Everyone believes there’s no tomorrow. I was fortunate. God gave me a miracle.”

Mitchell said he will begin immunotherapy in the coming weeks.