Tigers’ Spencer Turnbull Throws No-Hitter Past Mariners

Photo: Steph Chambers / Getty

DETROIT, May 19, 2021 ~ Tuesday night, Spencer Turnbull threw the fifth no-hitter of the 2021 MLB Season.

It is by far the best night of my life, most exciting and it’s definitely kind of like one of those landmark stamps on my career up to this point,” said Turnbull.

This is the first no-hitter for the Tigers since Justin Verlander threw his no-no in 2011. It also marks the first time Turnbull pitched more than seven innings in 49 career starts.

May 19, 2021 ~ Bless You Boys and Prospects Live Writer Trevor Hooth talks to Paul W. about Spencer Turnbull‘s no-hitter for the Tigers.

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He was pretty relentless,” said Tigers Manager A.J. Hinch. “I’m really proud of him. He’s worked really hard and deserves every bit of tonight.”

This was the second time the Mariners have been no-hit this season, the first by the Orioles earlier this month. According to ESPN, this is the fifth since 1900 that a team has been no-hit twice in the same month.