GOP Gears up for Democratic Election Reform Bill

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty

WASHINGTON DC, March 29, 2021 ~ Democrats are pushing the “For the People Act,” aiming to reform elections and campaign financing laws nationwide.  Republicans are calling the effort “fraud.”

The bill would “improve access to the ballot box” by automatically registering voters across the country, as well as reinstating full voting rights to felons with completed sentences.  Absentee and early voting would also be expanded.

It’s political corruption,” says an ad running in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire, four states the GOP hopes to turn red in the 2022 midterm elections. “Stop the grab. Stop the fraud.”


March 29, 2021 ~ Republican Senator Ed McBroom talks to Paul W. about the GOP‘s election reform bills.

It’s a juicy thing to both bases. Democrats will argue that Republicans are disenfranchising voters and Republicans will argue that Democrats are putting in place polices that will make it impossible for them to ever win an election again,” GOP Strategist Colin Reed said.  “Base messaging is motivated by fear and both of those have a way of spinning up the supporters in each camp into action and unification.”

The bill passed in the Democrat-controlled house earlier in March, with the bill now headed to the Senate for a vote.