President Biden Will Visit the US/Mexico Border “At Some Point”

Photo: Stringer / picture alliance via Getty

WASHINGTON DC, March 22, 2021 ~ President Joe Biden made a statement Sunday saying he would visit the US/Mexico Border “at some point.”

The Biden Administration still is not calling the influx of migrants a crisis, despite reports saying more than 100,000 individuals were apprehended by border agents in February, an increase of 25% over the month previous.

Sunday in an interview, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the border was closed, with Border Patrol turning families away, but not expelling “young, vulnerable children.”


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The criteria to be granted passage into the country is unknown. Secretary Mayorkas has only mentioned “acute vulnerabilities” that allow families asylum as opposed to expulsion.

As no official requirements have been released, families at the border are left unsure as they arrive at the border.

When asked about media access to the situation, Mayorkas replied saying “we’re working on that,” but ensured it was not top priority, adding that they are “not focused on ride-alongs right now.


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