Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin Agree to Keep Griffin Out of Lineup

Photo: Gregory Shamus / Getty

DETROIT, February 23, 2021 ~ Early last week, the Detroit Pistons and six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin agreed to have Griffin out of the lineup until a decision on his future has been made. The Pistons are currently pursuing trade options that will benefit both the team, as General Troy Weaver seeks to rebuild, as well as Griffin, as he seeks out a contending team.

After extensive conversation with Blake’s representatives, it has been determined that we will begin working to facilitate a resolution regarding his future with the team that maximizes the interests of both parties,” Weaver told ESPN. “We respect all the effort Blake has put forth in Detroit and his career and will work to achieve a positive outcome for all involved.”

Unfortunately Griffin is having his worst statistical pro season yet, and his age and past injuries are not helping his case. With $36 million still owed under his contract this year, and $39 million next year, it is likely the Pistons will buy Griffin out, as teams are not asking for him, and the March 25 trade deadline is fast approaching. Despite this, Griffin retains a positive outlook.

In a statement to ESPN, Griffin said: “I am grateful to the Pistons for understanding what I want to accomplish in my career and for working together on the best path forward.”