Never-Before-Seen Security Footage Shows Lawmakers Fleeing For Their Lives

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty

WASHINGTON DC, February 11, 2021 ~ In a compelling and at times disturbing narrative, House impeachment managers Wednesday showed for the first time just how close rioters came to lawmakers during the January 6 insurrection. 

Through never-before-seen security camera footage, Senators saw both themselves and their fellow legislators narrowly escaping with their lives, while split screen views detailed the actions, and alleged inactions, of then President Trump.

Senators from both sides expressed their disgust, with Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski saying “I wasn’t fully aware of everything else that was happening in the building. So when you see all the pieces come together, just the total awareness of that, the enormity of this, this threat, not just to us as people, as lawmakers, but the threat to the institution and what Congress represents, it’s disturbing.”

Trump’s legal team is maintaining that he cannot be held responsible for the actions of criminals, and was within his First Amendment rights in voicing his disagreement with the election results.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has not dismissed the possibility of voting to convict Trump, and has told other Republican senators that this is a “vote of conscience.”


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