Stay At Home Plea; Mrs. Stafford Calls An Audible

Stay home for Thanksgiving. That’s the advice from Governor Whitmer and Doctor Joneigh Khaldun. They explained that with Michigan in the midst of a surge of Corona virus cases, Thanksgiving now looms as a source of potential exposures that could expand statewide. Their warning comes on the heels of a similar plea from the Centers for Disease Control. It is pleading with Americans not to travel for the holiday and not to spend the time with people from outside their own household
The latest numbers from Michigan health officials reveal that there were 7,592 new cases of the virus and another 134 deaths.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon has tested positive for the corona virus. He says he has very mild symptoms and his spirits are high. The sherrif’s office has been hit hard by the virus. It has claimed the lives of a Division Two Commander, two deputies, and two doctors who worked at the jail. 20 others are currently in quarantine.
The pandemic has led to a change in this year’s annual Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade. It will be a virtual event. It will be televised on Channel Four. The parade will have live and recorded elements. Officials did not say how or where it would take place.

Not the best play call. Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford’s wife Kelly has apologized for calling Michigan a dictatorship in response to the state’s latest restrictions in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In comments on Instagram yesterday, she said she understands there is a pandemic and that it’s scary, but she said shutting down small businesses is not the answer because many of them will not be able to survive. Stafford said her original comments were made in the heat of the moment because she has a friend who is losing their business and that ‘dictatorship’ was probably not the best choice of words.