Modified Stay At Home Michigan Day 58

A state judge rules that Gov. Whitmer has the authority to continue state of emergency orders to stay at home without the approval of the legislature. The judge said Republicans arguments against the extension were ‘meritless.’ But the judge ruled the governor violated her authority in issuing a second extension of a 28 day state of emergency without legislative approval. That declaration gives the governor more power to use state resources. Republicans will appeal.

Visits to the doctor or dentist, taking your pet to the vet, and car shopping at the showroom will be allowed later next week. Retail is limited to no more than 10 people inside.

The state reports 69 new deaths from the virus.

Pres. Trump approved an emergency declaration for mid-Michigan to give federal money and resources to the flood-ravaged area.

Pres. Trump wore a face mask behind the scenes, but not during the tour of the Ford plant in Ypsilanti. Trump says he didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.

Military veterans will be eligible for state money for personal expenses in connection with COVID 19 from county veteran’s agencies.

The cuts just keep on comin’ for Karl Manke after a Shiawassee County judge ruled the Owosso barber could stay open despite the efforts by the state to close him down.