What’s Happening On Modified Stay At Home Day 52

Retail, including pet grooming businesses, may be able to reopen by the end of the month if COVID 19 cases continue to drop. The governor emphasizes that proper safety precautions would be in effect.
Large gatherings, including weddings and parties, won’t be safe for awhile.

The state reports 11-hundred 91 new cases of the virus and 73 more deaths, due to backlogged results and increased testing in jails and prisons.

A lawsuit by legislative Republicans will be heard today by a judge in the State Court of Claims. the suit challenges Gov. Whitmer’s executive order authority. Republican leaders say they’re prepared to take it to the State Supreme Court.

Whitmer told a Joe Biden campaign event that Michigan faces a 3-billion dollar deficit this year and the shortfall will be bigger in the next fiscal year.

Meijer’s stores will expand their hours from 6am to midnight.
The JBS meatpacking plant in SW Michigan is ramping up production, giving workers pay raises, and sending home older workers with paid time off and benefits.

The fight that occured at a state capitol protest was over a doll in a noose displayed by a protestor. A woman in the crowd tried to take away the noose, and that’s when the fracas began. Police finally arrived and broke it up. No one was arrested.

NASCAR has postponed races scheduled for June at Michigan International Speedway. NASCAR races at 3 tracks have been canceled so far. But racing, without fans, begins this weekend at Darlington, South Carolina.