Guv: Disaster Request; Hospitals Share Space

Gov.  Whitmer has requested a major disaster declaration from President Trump. A declaration would help  provide meals, housing assistance, counseling and therapy, and could add  to hospital capacity.

“It would also provide much needed additional capacity in our state in the event we need to set up field hospitals or other facilities,” she said.

The medical chief said we are a few weeks away from a peak of cases in Michigan.

The governor says  the best thing they can do to help stop the spread is follow the order and stay home.

The governor said Michigan has secured 13 million N95 masks, 226,000 surgical masks, 35,000 hospital gowns, four million gloves, 100,000 face shields, 250 beds, and thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer.

No decision has been made about ending the school year.