Day 3– Michigan Stays Home

Stay at home in Michigan, day 3.

The head of TCF Bank tells WJR that Detroit’s TCF Center is being looked at for possible use to house corona virus patients. TCF says that local health leaders are not at that point yet, but they have offered the use of the big Detroit convention center for that purpose.
Michigan has 24 confirmed deaths and 17-hundred 91 cases of corona virus.
Nearly half of Michigan counties have been hit.

Cases are widespread— 8 in Michigan psychiatric hospitals, two deaths among auto workers, two deaths in the Detroit Police department,
some hospital systems are nearing capacity.

The first drive-thru testing site has opened up in Saginaw , at Great lakes Bay Health Care… 9am to 3pm.

Spartan stores is installing sneeze guards at service counters and cashier stations in all of its stores… like Family Fare, Dan’s Supermarkets, D and W.

Steelcase has laid off all of it’s hourly workers, and imposed 50 percent pay cuts to salaried personel.

In the rush of panic buying— what is price gouging? The state attorney general says a price increase of more than 20-percent on an item can be the basis of a complaint. The Michigan Better Business Bureau urges— don’t buy it, report it to the state AG.

What do Michigan voters think about how Gov. Whitmer has handled the pandemic? Her job approval rating is way up in a new poll.