Another UAW Plea Expected; Dissidents Cite Gains

UAW dissidents say they have the support of 6 UAW locals in their effort to remove union president Gary Jones. The dissidents are trying to use articles in the UAW constitution to kick Jones out of the union, amid the investigation into union and auto industry financial wrongdoing. Jones is on paid leave.
The dissidents need enough locals to set in motion the action to kick Jones out of the UAW.
Several union officials have been charged and pleaded guilty in the investigation, and a close aide to Jones, Vance Pearson, is expected to plead guilty.

Joe Ashton, a retired union vice-president, will have a plea hearing in Detroit federal court next month. Ashton is charged with fraud and money-laundering in connection with kickbacks in contracts with vendors. Ashton would be the highest-ranking union official to enter a guilty plea in the long-running federal investigation.