Congress Wants Local Man Released From Russian Prison

A group of members of congress and Michigan’s two U-S senators will push for the release of Paul Whelan from a Russian prison.
Whelan was jailed by Russia 9 months ago on charges of spying. Whelan and his family say the accusations are bogus. Whelan is from the Detroit area, and worked for Borg Warner before he was arrested in Russia. He said he was there to attend a wedding.

Whelan’s family says Whelan has health problems but is not getting medical care.
Whelan is a frequent visitor to Russia. He was arrested in Moscow Dec. 28 and accused of possessing Russian state secrets on a flash drive.
Whelan holds citizenship from the U-S, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.

The U-S Securities and Exchange Commission has looked into Borg Warner’s relationship with a Russian company that makes vehicles for the Russian military. No conclusion was ever announced from the 2016 inquiry.