A-G: Thugs Attacked My Home

The home of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette was the scene of a protest by environmentalists. About 40 people showed up at Schuette’s home in Midland. They were protesting plans to upgrade an oil pipeline under the Great Lakes in northern Michigan.

“For about 30 minutes, about 40 thugs pounded on the doors and windows, attempting to intimidate the Attorney General’s family and the Attorney General in his role as the chief law enforcement officer for the State of Michigan,” spokeswoman Andrea Bitely said in a release.

Schuette’s his wife Cynthia Schuette was home alone.

“This was a cowardly assault by professional protesters, whose car license plates mostly appeared to be from out of state,” Bitely said.

According to the release, the home was defaced and a simulated oil spill was thrown over the house and driveway related to the Enbridge Energry oil pipeline. Signs and gravestones were placed around the yard.

Groups opposed to the oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac demanded that Schuette take action to shut down Enbridge Energy’s Line 5. They released the following statement:

“Schuette knows Line 5 poses an immediate risk to the Great lakes each day it is allowed to continue to operate, and yet he’s choosing to stall for another 1-2 years. Schuette is directly threatening all of life in our region and is putting us all at risk and we are going to bring the fight to his front lawn until he is held accountable.”